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New Client Package Three Private Sessions $280

Experience of Pilates

Discover a mind body connection with a challenging low impact workout. Sarah Brooks Pilates creates a total body system, to strengthen and stretch, while creating a long and strong body.
“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” JHP

Athletic Pilates

Proper alignment, flexibility, and core strength are the basics for any athlete.

Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Stay in shape during your pregnancy and have an easy and fast recovery

Dancers and Pilates

This cross- training method to find the right balance.

Rehabilitation Pilates

Create a uniform body

Office Worker Pilates

A perfect combination to un-wind after a long day of work

Pilates for the Elderly

Keep your body moving in a way that will revitalize and re- charge

  • She is attentive, dedicated and pushes me to exceed my limits – with great results! I’ve seen improvements in flexibility and toning, and I feel stronger and more fit. She teaches Pilates in a way that truly gives you a full body workout and makes the practice fun and informative.

    Laura S.
  • Loved Sarah’s teaching so much because it gave me something I was never able to find in all my other workouts: pain reduction. I have experienced chronic pain for the past 10 years. I have tried a variety of therapies and treatments none of which were as effective or left me feeling as awesome as a class with Sarah.. She pushes you to do more, to do better each time.

    Davida S.
  • I was lucky to meet Sarah during the first trimester of my pregnancy. She coached me up until my delivery and for the year that followed. I largely credit her with helping me carry my baby to term relatively pain free, go into the delivery room feeling strong and recover to a post-baby body that looks better than before I got pregnant.

    Marjorie S.
With a lifetime of fitness and the joy of teaching others for over eight years, she started as a personal trainer but was soon introduced to the world of Pilates. With her West Coast certification from Pilates Sports Center, she uses her caring, encouraging teaching style to help students improve their body awareness. She is impassioned by the endless discoveries she makes through Pilates. As well as all the new advancements she continuously gains on the many different journeys with her clients.

In 10 sessions you will FEEL the difference, in twenty you will SEE the difference,

in thirty you will have A WHOLE NEW BODY

Joseph H. Pilates
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